A day of fun turns to terror in a matter of moments. 

Learn how the spiders and the oxen work together to save a life and build a lasting friendship.

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For reading ages 8 and up.

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"Feeling something falling on his head, Max wakes from his nap.  He looks up at the ceiling and sees something move as dirt falls into his eyes."

There are 4 spiders: Yellow, Brownie, Hoppy and Stretch.

About the Author

Hi, I am Kathy Salanitro, I have written and illustrated my first children's book.  The Oxen and the Spiders.

In 2012 I began  this fun, frustrating and fulfilling adventure of becoming an author and illustrator.  Three years later, with the help of book designer Robin Wrighton, The Oxen and the Spiders is a reality.

Each illustration for this book was created on 16" x 20" canvas using acrylic paint.  With the help of many friends and family, I perfected my story and combined each image to create the book you see today. 

You can contact me at     info@oxkfarm.com  I'll be glad to answer any questions.

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"We saw you four oxen in this large, nice, warm barn and thought there'd be plenty of room for all of us."

The Oxen and the Spiders

How Teamwork Builds an Unusual Friendship.

Despite their differences in size and form, the oxen and spiders learn to live and work together as a team.

Read the story to find out how a terrifying event works out through cooperation and teamwork

There are 4 oxen: Chip, Dale, Max and Jake.

Leaping forward with a giant SPLASH, Dale jumps into the water. 

'Boys! Are you being careful?' Kathy calls out.

Description:  8" x 10" - Hard cover - 32pages

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This book is about teamwork and a unique an

unusual friendship.

Despite their differences in size and form, the oxen and spiders learn to live and work together as a team.  Find out how a terrifying event and heroic action at the river leads to an unusual friendship.

Read a glimpse of the story below

Questions: I will be glad to answer any of your questions.

E-Mail me at   info@oxkfarm.com 

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Author Kathy Salanitro