Spending time in the barn.

Ox Facts

We purchase calves for oxen as young as 8 hours to one week old.
They are bottle fed for 8 weeks until they can go on grain and hay.
Training begins at 2 weeks so that the oxen can go to fairs, parades, schools and many other events.

  • Milking Shorthorn (Durham)
  • Devon

  • Holstein

  • Brown Swiss

  • Jersey

  • Dutch Belted

  • Shorthorn x Holstein

  • Chianina x Holstein

  • Chianina

  • ​Ayrshire

  • ​Hereford

  • ​Charolais

At school and in the classroom or at the Ox-K Farm.

Ox-K's most powerful 3 to 4 hr. presentation... for so many children this is the first time they have experienced hands-on interaction with large animals. We use oxen to teach children about the impact that oxen had on American history, giving examples along the way on the role that oxen had throughout history.​​

Gilford's Thompson-Ames Historical Society
"History of Oxen in Gilford" Evening Presentation

A lecture and power point presentation open to the public which highlighted the historic role of oxen in the town of Gilford. The first recorded information on oxen in Gilford dates back to early 1900's and included with this were pictures and stories of Gilford's farm families that utilized oxen in their daily lives. Also included was a presentation on the basic care, training and equipment associated with oxen. 

Kathy with a young pair of Brown Swiss oxen.

American history.  After spending hours of fun with the oxen on our farm, you can visit the covered bridge our oxen pulled in place.  Make an appointment  for your special time. 

Your time is special to us.  The appointment will be for your group or you, or your family at a time.  Monday - Friday afternoons.   (603) 630-4554 or E-mail:   oxk@metrocast.net 

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our four Brown Swiss oxen and all participants were encouraged to try their hand at driving a team of oxen. Pete and Rusty pull Tanner Hill Bridge into place.

Ox-K Farm visit

Discounts for large Groups and Bus Tours
School rates for 3 to 4 hour presentation
discounted when given at the farm.

Learn about and interact with the oxen. 
One to two hours. 

Please call for rates.

COME JOIN US on Ox-K Farm Discovery Center in the picturesque New England Village of Gilford, NH

We are surrounded by he Belknap Mountain Range and hundreds of acres of forest.  

You will be offered a unique thrilling opportunity to interact with our 2600lb. gentile giants.  Experience hands on, all age's pet, walk, hand feed the oxen.  Adults learn to yoke and drive a team.  We use oxen to teach children about the impact that oxen had on 

Visiting the Farm.

What we offer:

Learn what an ox is and what they do.
Interacting with the oxen
Lesson on driving oxen

(603) 630-4554 or oxk@metrocast.net
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Kathy explaining the yoke

Children interacting with the oxen at school (left).

Ox-K Farm Facts

  • Training oxen for over 30 years
  • Member • NH Farm Bureau 
  • 4-H Leader • Belknap County
  • 4-H Member • Belknap County -Working Steers
  • Member • New England Oxen -Teamsters
  • Ox-K farm's oxen pulled Gilford's Tanner Hill Bridge
  • into place (see picture below)​​

The children learn what an ox is and how they are the same as other ruminants. They also learn how they differ from other animals. With a vast array of items pertaining to oxen on display, each child gets to look at and touch teeth, hooves, yokes and many other things associated with oxen and large animals.

While half the class remains in the classroom to watch a DVD on the history of oxen, the other half spends time outside with a teams of Brown Swiss oxen. The children are allowed to fully interact with these animals, help yoke the oxen and in turn, each child gets to drive a team of oxen. .

"Oxen in History" by appointment only
(603) 630-4554 or oxk@metrocast.net
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Some Ox-K Farm past presentations...

​New Hampshire Audubon's Prescott Farm Center

Amidst the picturesque backdrop of Prescott Farm in Laconia, Ox-K's Kathy Salanitro delivered her popular presentation on oxen. Attendees first gathered in the Samuel P. Pardoe building for a viewing of our video on oxen. From there, it was on to the historic barn, which sits on the Center's 106 acres, for a hands-on presentation on oxen. Young and old were allowed to interact with